Extra iBri

Some background stuff on the photos that appear elsewhere on here. Might get techy, more than likely will get unnecessary. 

Noise Reduction using Smart Object

The image on this entry uses a method of noise reduction that utilises Photoshop's (PS) Smart Objects and Stack Modes to clean up a 1600ISO image.

A 9 image burst was tweaked in Lightroom (LR) for shadow and highlights - one image adjusted, then the LR Sync Settings... command was used to quickly apply the same to the other eight.

These were then opened up in PS as a layer stack, and aligned using the Auto Align option. Selecting all the layers and converting them to a Smart Object, then applying a Median Stack Mode helps smooth out the image, averaging out the noise but without the softening of contrasting edges that sometimes happens with other noise reduction methods. The images below show the before and after affect of this process - click on each image to see larger versions.