Extra iBri

Some background stuff on the photos that appear elsewhere on here. Might get techy, more than likely will get unnecessary. 

Colour Temperature

Shooting at night can be a tricky one for various reasons. Setting colour balance/temperature being one of them. When shooting in RAW though, one of the easiest things to fix in the final image (can be done to Jpeg files to a certain degree, but no where near as successful). 

Leaving the camera to set this automatically when it is so dark isn't the best way to start though. Auto White Balance (AWB) tends to only work accurately in a narrowish band of the colour temperature scale, so I prefer using the custom white balance setting to shoot scenes such as this. This allows you to dial in settings outwith the normal AWB range.

It was pitch black as I set up the shot here and I'd used a 'best guess' for the White Balance setting. Using an electronic viewfinder on the mirrorless Sony does help a bit with this as the image that's displayed does show the effect of changing white balance - on other DSLR cameras with optical viewfinders. In this instance I'd guesstimated the scene to be around the 3400K mark. Turns out that was a bit off; blaming the level of darkness and the fact that it'd started to rain by the time I pressed the shutter button [image 1 above]. Back in Adobe Lightroom it was an easy fix to slide the temperature down even further - 2500K [image 2] - and bring out a much more pleasing cool blue look to the final image.

To help out in the field with this I keep a copy of this handy chart on my phone, as a reminder of what different light situations register on the Kelvin temperature scale.