Extra iBri

Some background stuff on the photos that appear elsewhere on here. Might get techy, more than likely will get unnecessary. 


Shoot and Edit

Shot using a fisheye adapter attached to a 16mm lens converting to around 11mm. The camera was set on a ten second delay and placed (a wee bit precariously) on a rock in the middle of the ice covered puddle, with a pebble being used to get the angle correct (told you this was going to get techy). I was going for the intrepid explorer look but, despite hardly seeing anyone on my cycle up to the Dam, as soon as I set the camera down here it turned into something like Sauchiehall Street. It looked better with another person in the shot anyhow.

The first image above is the RAW file straight off of the camera card and into Lightroom.

Some basic adjustment are shown in the second image - the fisheye introduces an bit of chromatic abberation and softness towards the edges, so that's fixed first. Two gradient adjustments are then added; one to bring detail back into the sky, one to pull detail out of the shadows in the lower section.

For the third stage the image is exported over to Photoshop CC as a TIF, and I used the Adaptive Wide Angle filter to straighten out the fisheye effect. There's a quick layer duplicate made and this is set to the 'Soft Light'  layer blend mode. Opacity is tweaked on this to  - and maybe a quick Levels adjustment too - before it's all flattened and sent back to LR.

The final stage shows the image after I've fired up Silver Efex Pro and played around with the presets I have in there, to add a bit of contrast to boost the final image's impact a notch or two.

Final image as shown in my journal