Never far from a camera, never far from something worth pointing a camera at. You'll find landscapes on here mostly.

Brian Smith 2016

Set this up mainly as a daily online photography journal as an outlet for my snapping and ranting requirements. 

I spent over six years doing something similar on another website but, after that looked it was all going tits up, took a strop, spat the dummy, then floated around between various other sites before trying this out.

Everything on here, unless otherwise stated and accredited, is all my own. I'd expect nothing else in return.

Most images will be shot using a Sony NEX-7 Mirrorless or on a Canon EOS 7D. On the rare days I've no proper camera with me the odd bit of iPhoneography might slip in.

I'll also be adding a bit of background to how I shoot and edit, to give a little insight into my process and also to give us all something to look back on in years to come and laugh at the complexity of it all. Probably.

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