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March of the pylons - off towards Alloa before taking a left over the River Forth

There's something disconcerting standing under these and hearing sparking and clicking and humming going on right above your head. But the view down here on the old back road out of Clackmannan is worth the risk of a bit of static. All the way west from the source of the River Forth in Loch Ard over in the snowy mountains of the Trossachs, then out east to Grangemouth and beyond where the river slows and widens into a Firth. I'm sure the pylons aren't everyone's idea of a pretty view but they are the perfect subject to line up a shot or two with. Plus, here, they remind me of Pink Floyd's video for Another Brick in the Wall as they march off down the Forth Valley.

The silhouette of Clackmannan Tower and church reflected in a flooded field. Was nice to see the Ochils catching some rays though.

The name Lookaboutye Brae, as well as forming part of the local council's motto, has some legend attached to it surrounding King Robert the Bruce and a misplaced gauntlet as he himself marched along this way. A lowly minion was sent back to retrieve it as they camped out up on the hillside at Clackmannan, with an instruction to 'Look aboot ye'. Hence, the name.

Anyhow, I'm on holiday this week, so enough with the geography and history lessons, and now that I've mentioned it this seems quite apt.