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Rumbling Vicars

Found myself driving out on the eastern edges of the Wee County this afternoon, scouting out some new locations that might be photogenic. Sneaked over the border into Perth and Kinross as I headed down this back road towards Vicar's Bridge. There's been a bit of tree clearing on the west side of the road here - compared to the Google Map version embedded below -  so stopped to take the views down the Forth Valley in. Not that I could see all that far in this afternoon's murk.

With all the rain coming down from Perthshire this week I thought the River Devon would be twisting its way under the bridge with an impressive spurt on. Nope. Pretty much looked the same as I'd seen it in previous wanders along it banks, so headed a bit further up the river to the Rumbling Bridge. Not sure if the water here was any wilder than normal either as it always looks a bit foamy and frothy as it's squeezed through the gorge underneath the bridge. Part of the path that winds down underneath the old bridges has been taken out of commission too, so access to anywhere with a good angle for a shot was limited. It had by then, unsurprisingly, started to rain again so I think I'll head back for that shot another day.

Sony NEX-7
16mm (plus fisheye adapter) - f6.3 - 1/80sec - ISO100

Shot a couple of variations of this whilst I was here - a wide angle and this even wider angle - posted over here for comparison