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Twelve Forty Five

Timed it well arriving at the Falkirk Wheel this afternoon. Not only was the sun shining (more or less), but the boat lift was just kicking into action. It takes ten minutes to raise one boat to the Union Canal above, whilst it lowers another to the Forth Clyde Canal below. The only one of it's kind on the planet and usually a good tourist draw. A bit quieter today though as there's a lot of construction work going on.

This shot is a combination of multiple images composited together to show the operation of the lift. The short clip below shows the same images but as a timelapse sequence instead.

A few miles back down the canal lie the giant Kelpies. Easily Andy Scott's most successful sculptures, somewhat for their scale alone, but, on a day like today when the sun deems to shine, they're an impressive pair of public art installations. In the ten minutes it takes the Falkirk Wheel to do its thing I snapped these snappers trying to put their own unique spin on an image of the huge beasts. There aren't any, but it's great to see so many people being inspired by the installation.

Another multiple image composition, with a different treatment to the one above.

I'll add my gallery on here of the Kelpies as they were being constructed at some point. Maybe...