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So, the daily post thing's now pie in the sky. Posts will arrive here as and when. Daily-ish. Weekly-ish. Random-ish.

Twelve Fifteen PM

Castle... Whatever.

Today it was just tourist cameras pointed at it but Doune Castle has been used in lots of TV and film over the years. From Ivanhoe, through Monty Python and The Holy Grail to Outlander and Game of Thrones in more recent years. I'm sure there're still coconut shells in the building somewhere so anyone can recreate the authentic feel of Monty Python's no expenses spent comedy classic.

Prior to this I'd stopped off in sleepy Dunblane and waited my turn to photograph the gold painted postbox which, four years after Andy Murray's first Olympic win, may be due for a second coat in the coming weeks. If he decides to head out to Brazil that is.