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Double Whisky

Kennetpans Distillery on the banks of the River Forth, or what's left of it anyhow. Difficult to underestimate the importance this crumbling ruin in Scotland's whisky industry, and a bit of Ireland's too. The first, alongside another owned by the same family, to produce and export Scotch Whisky in bulk, kick-starting the billion pound industry Scotland has today. The first railway line in the country connected the two distilleries, bringing the spirit to the harbour (the remains of some of that is in the foreground here) to be shipped all over the world. Expanding into Ireland, a close family member from nearby Alloa took over the management of a Dublin distillery, eventually buying it over and using his own name to rename it. Jamesons is still the best known Irish Whiskey worldwide.

Due to a new Whisky Act imposed by the Westminster parliament in the late 18th century, possibly with the intention to protect the English Gin trade, duty on the export of goods from here made the product uncompetitive and the industry almost died off. By the middle of the 19th century the buildings here were up for sale.

There's definitely a film in all this somewhere, but you can read up on this in much more detail over on Kennetpans own website. Hopefully, before too long, work will continue to be done to protect this hugely significant piece of Scotland's industrial heritage.

Some shots from a previous shoot down here.

Kennet Distillery - September 2014