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So, the daily post thing's now pie in the sky. Posts will arrive here as and when. Daily-ish. Weekly-ish. Random-ish.


Lie-ins and tyres and Bears.

There's a huge temptation to lie-in when there's the sound of rain outside, but willed myself out on the wheels and pedalled up to Sherrifmuir Inn up in the Ochils. There's no bear here nowadays - just a sculpture of Hercules - but the Inn was open and it was the perfect spot for an ice cold drink in the typically seasonal Scottish summer weather. I'd intended to go a bit further, but that big cloud off to the left decided otherwise.

Was going to head up the hill here (pretty much downhill all the way after this), but the rain persuaded a tactical retreat.

The monument commemorating the Battle of Sheriffmuir in 1715. Good excuse to stop and catch a breather.