iBri Daily-ish

So, the daily post thing's now pie in the sky. Posts will arrive here as and when. Daily-ish. Weekly-ish. Random-ish.


Those trees were holding up fairly  well to the gales - only a few branches breaking free - but the windows in front of me were making some worrying creaking noises at times. The clouds passing over the Ochil Hills and bringing on the downpours were scudding in from the west in fast-forward mode.

It's why I stick to Apple.

Wild weather this morning, thanks to Gertrude, and sounding like she's got a kick in the tail from what I can hear from outside just now. 

It's kept me off the bike for most of the week. And I've spent far too much time staring at this kind of thing. It's been a pretty shit week on that front.

Editing Process: Four pics, three apps.