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Twenty Seven

Day 27. 15.1 miles.
Soundtrack: Nowt: phone battery's gubbed, gave up at 38% charge.

Getting better. If you ignore the snow on the hills this morning and that well overstayed its welcome Arctic chill. Tailwind tonight though, so flew home and took the scenic branch of the cycle route along through the wildlife reserve and along the River Forth and River Devon.

Shot this with camera attached to a stick. A kind of selfie-stick. In my defence I only have one because it came as part of a pack of accessories, and I don't intend to use it in the selfie-centred narcissistic cheesy pics blitz. Well, bar this one...

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Looks like we had some equally unseasonable weather on this day too,  back last year.

There were snow showers passing through the Forth Valley on this day last year too, leaving the Ochil Hills with a bit more of a dusting than they received today.