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Twenty Six

Ninja Hail

Day 26. 14 miles.
Soundtrack: PJ Harvey - The Hope Six Demolition Project

Ninja Hail. That was a perfect description from one of my work colleagues, and fellow NCN76 commuter, of the past couple of day's weather. No matter how close you kept your eye on the clouds - that happened to be shifting along at a fair rate of knots on another stiff arctic breeze - one icy depositor manages to sneak in and throw icy water at you like tiny shuriken stars . I was keeping back from this one as it moved south, whilst trying to keep ahead of another one that was hovering over my left shoulder.

I'll be so glad when this winter's finished.

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A year back, and a few degrees higher...

Wasn't as scared of these clouds, they weren't pouncing like highly trained oriental assassins.. Hardly needed a jacket at all.