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Twenty Five

What's that about shepherds and turkish delight again?

Day 25 - 14 Miles

Straight there and straight back again today. Wasn't hanging out any longer than I needed to in that today. Cycling gear hadn't properly dried out from this morning's drooking, and the clouds were threatening a repeat. 

Even though I'm pretty much a shepherding agnostic, this sky last night over the village pond did lull me into a false sense of optimistic delight for this morning's leg. A layer or two may have been shed. As I watched the Ochil Hills disappear in a wintery white-out I realised that might've been a bad idea. Stinging hail, icy water had me seriously doubting we're meant to be heading towards summer.

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Looking at last year's image from this day, when the fields were yellow with rape-seed, I'm thinking we may be a bit behind on the growing season too. 

Fields were sprayed yellow by this point last year; not seeing much of this just now.