iBri Daily-ish

So, the daily post thing's now pie in the sky. Posts will arrive here as and when. Daily-ish. Weekly-ish. Random-ish.


Spotted this sky in my rear view mirror as I headed in to work this morning. Was still peching a bit when the 7:57 Alloa to Glasgow train came lumbering out of the trees so quite chuffed that a 1/40 sec shot at 210mm (handheld straddling a bicycle and wearing gloves) doesn't look like one of yesterday's wobbly pics. 

Thought this was a good start to the day. Lasted all of five minutes. 

Picked up later though when I received an email to say I'd had an image taken last week published in the letters page of today's Guardian newspaper. That was nice.

We've great views from our workplace. Never the same twice.

We've great views from our workplace. Never the same twice.

Copy of the original (uncropped) photograph as posted on Flickr.

Chilly Willy

Dipped after that with a puncture on the way home and a wait in the mizzle for my knightette in shining metal to arrive and rescue me. 

Double-dipped when I realised nearly two hours later I'd left my pannier bags (with some very expensive content) lying there at the side of the road. In pretty clear view of any passer-by. Potential for disaster. Arse.

Mad pessimistic dash back there in the shiny metal, expecting the spot under the lampost to be void of any bright red baggage. But, as we drove towards the spot I could see a pair of white reflective spots from the bag sides shining right back at me. God knows how many folk had passed by in those two hours and either never noticed them or thought it was all too obvious and might be some sort of trick. Whatever it was I was mightily relieved.

Be glad when this Monday to Friday's done, heads's mince this week. 

Peaks and troughs. Peaks and troughs...