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Half Four

Patiently Waiting.

Thunderous start to the day, but, in the best tradition of a Scottish Summer, the weather performed a meteorological 180 and so I was tempted out on the bike. 

Along the Alloa to Dunfermline route (NCN764) there's an old brick railway signal box, at the long abandoned station at the attractively named Bogside. What I hadn't really noticed before though was this, almost completely hidden, building a few yards further along. It's the old waiting room for the Alloa bound trains and, considering the line was closed in 1958, it's survived the near sixty years pretty admirably. If the talk of re-opening a service between Alloa and Dunfermline - not along this line, but using the track that served the now mothballed Longannet power station - if that ever bears fruit maybe they could save a few quid and relocate this down there. Might need a lick or two of paint though.