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Day 20 - 17.9 miles.
Soundtrack - Nick Drake - Five Leaves Left

The merest touch of frost sparkling under the bluest of skies this morning but these are the kind of biking days that you think back on when it's blowing a gale, with horizontal rain/sleet/snow, and you're soaked through to your undercrackers with five miles to go. The days that keep you coming back. So, to make sure it was hard coded into the memory bank, I sat down for a while and let it all wash over me on a pit stop during a circuit round the Kildean Loop. It's a perfect spot; only a mile from civilisation and the M9 motorway, but, because it's in a dip and next to the river, there's very little sign of any of that. Just Stirling Castle sailing by on a tufted sea of grass, as it's probably looked for centuries.

Coincidentally, and completely unplanned, last year's Day 20 photo was taken from down here too. Nice sense of equilibrium, or lack of imagination. Either's good. 

Stopped off at another favourite spot later on a spent fifteen minutes watching a porpoise swim and fish way up river from where it would normally be found. There must be some good grub up this way during April as they've been regular visitors here at this time of year.

Chilly start this morning. But glorious.

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Day 20 last year. Repeats.

Same spot as the photo above, but 90˚ around to the east.