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Day 18 - 16.2 miles
Soundtrack: Funkadelic - Maggot Brain

That's much more like it. Sun on my back. Wind at my back. Work at my back.

Despite the stiff breeze and the tail end of an arctic chill, the evening sunshine brought out the crowds. The Old Stirling Road was having its own rush hour, with more environmentally friendly traffic than the newer road a few yards over. Hard to imagine this road being the main artery between Clackmannanshire and Stirling only a few years back, what with the constant stream of vehicles that use the upgraded road now. I'm more than happy to use this route on my commute though; keeps me away from some of the mobile phone using/high speed nutters/those that think that there's an invisible extra overtaking lane on the two lane trunk road.

This morning's run in was into that kind of wind that has you pedalling down hills you normally freewheel down. 

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And this time last year we were sipping from cans of Tennents in the sunshine on a hill above Loch Earn.

A good hike, a couple of cans an a view down Loch Earn and Ben Vorlich with the last of the snow.