iBri Daily-ish

So, the daily post thing's now pie in the sky. Posts will arrive here as and when. Daily-ish. Weekly-ish. Random-ish.


Not sure about this new bench carry on. I mean, this is my spot. My bolt hole. My escape from whatever and whoever. I've sat hours down here. Watched seals fish the salmon. And porpoise too. Had mink scurry past me along the waterline. Me and the wee man have sat here (sans bench) with a flask of tea in the coldest of 2010's winter and watched icebergs flow down the Forth. 

So, if anybody does take up residence on this bench, and notices someone circling on a bike, growling and scowling, that'll be me.  And if the scowl doesn't work I'll plonk myself down beside you and chat you about the differences between additive and subtractive colour models and their relevance to photo editing and printing. That'll soon have you making your excuses.

Ach. I'll get over it I suppose.

Not actually convinced this is even in the best spot - a bit far back from the river to see where the seals normally swim, especially with the raised bit of bank right in front. Maybe it's to stop the local neds from trying to launch it into the river.