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Day 17 - 10 miles
Soundtrack - Teleman - Brilliant Sanity

That 'last day of the holidays' plus the Sunday night blues fair puts a damper on your cycling mojo. But, wasn't going to let that break the routine so, after doing my homework (ALWAYS leave it 'til the last minute), ironing my Superman™ boxers and sticking on the immersion for the Sunday night bath, I headed over to the hillfoots and up to Alva Glen. 

I'd picked up a new ND filter that I wanted to test out, and the waterfall down here is a great location for this. Turns out it was dull enough I could get some nice smooth water without the extra sunglasses, but set it up anyhow. Pleased with the results too; no discernible drop in sharpness and barely a colour cast either ( the image below is the ND filtered one).

All refreshed and recharged for the return to work tomorrow.

Ha ha ha! (shouldn't laugh at my own jokes really).

Shot using a 10 stop (ND1000) neutral density filter. Twenty second exposure, f4.0 at ISO200.

Timelapse of the section from here, along the old Hillfoots road at the base of the Ochil Hills, towards Menstrie...

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