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Bing Bench

A  lazy Sunday bit off fiddling on the bike this afternoon, trying to keep the worst of winter's effects under control. Needed a few bits and pieces for that so after headed off to the bike shop to pick those up, then headed along to the top of the colliery bing on the outskirts of Fallin. Loads of groups out sledging down its slopes, but this couple seemed more interested in other pursuits. Keen they were, considering the temperature had dropped below freezing by this point. Hope their bottle of Irn Bru didn't freeze.

I've taken lots of photos from up here, and was hoping the views over to the snowy mountains of the Trossachs was going to be clearer than this, but having set the camera up pointing towards the City and the Castle, it was a bit serendipitous that this pair of loved up teenagers turned up and plonked themselves down in my camera line.

Seems to be an unintentional 'bench' them going on recently with my posts...

Sony NEX-7
55-210mm Zoom - 168mm
f16 - 2sec - ISO100 and f6.3 - 1/25sec - ISO400

As it was near dark by this point, I shot two images - one focused on the city skyline with a longer exposure and lower ISO, the second focused on the bench with a faster shutter speed and higher ISO. The two shots were layered in Photoshop, masked and blended to ensure sharp focus throughout the depth of the image.

Another version, as featured on Visit Scotland's Instagram feed...