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Day Fourteen. 11.5 miles  
Soundtrack: John Grant: Grey Tickles, Black Pressure - CHVRCHES; Every Open Eye

Rush Hour on the NCN76.

Stopped to line up a shot of the signage on this section of the route and had to wait for a gap in all the traffic before I could get the photograph I was after. Cyclists... joggers... dog walkers... all safely tucked away from the nearby main artery between Alloa and Stirling which was teeming with traffic at this point too.

I was on a mission to replace a hose nozzle thingumyjig, heading off to the big DIY store for a two-wheeled shopping trip. Forgetting I was on my bike, it was only when I left the shop with a 1 metre long attachment I realised it wasn't going in the pannier. so the route back had me being prodded in the back of the thigh with every other pedal. Still, job done, and no petrol used.

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This day last year... a bit of muddy punnery and half a selfie.