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The Bridges

An unusually good run of weather through April continued into May and produced some gorgeous blue skies to frame the Forth bridges on a lazy Sunday afternoon wander around South Queensferry.

As much as the colours were fantastic, it was the conversion to black and white, with some tweaking to colour balance, that produced the most striking images for me.

The structure of the Forth Bridge, in its distinctive never-ever-finished coat of red paint, really popped off the screen with this treatment. The train crossing to North Queensferry and the tugs below highlight the scale of the near 130 year old bridge.

The moon made a very subtle appearance too, rising to the east as the trains trundled back and forth over the Firth.

Driving out underneath the Forth Road Bridge and down towards Hopetoun House provides a great view back to the almost finished 'Queensferry Crossing'  and demonstrates how busy this short stretch of river is for traffic crossing between Fife and Edinburgh.