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Final stretch of the 15:10 Scottish Tartan Trophy.

It's not about the winning. Unless you win. Then it's all about the winning.

Despite just about breaking even, the day itself always turns out to be a fantastic day. A bit warmer than last year - though still no sunshine - the combination of the thundering races, the free-flowing booze and everyone dressed in their finest makes for an entertaining spectacle. And being Ladies Day that even meant a bit of dress wearing from some brave chaps too. 

The contrast between some race-goers from the start to after the final race is worth the entry price alone. The venga bus back to Wallyford station for the train back to Edinburgh was a riot with one wee lassie chuffed to bits she was up £3.50. The whole bus cheered her on as she announced it to them every five minutes or so.

Exhausting, and wallet draining, but booking up for next year as soon as the tickets go on sale.