iBri Daily-ish

So, the daily post thing's now pie in the sky. Posts will arrive here as and when. Daily-ish. Weekly-ish. Random-ish.


The blossom. Actually, probably not that late at all. Maybe it just feels that way after April hung on to winter so long. But May's kicked off well with a steady, sustained impression of summer. There's squeaky bikes and bare skin everywhere, in shades varying from pale blue to well-skelpt-erse pink (the skin colours, not the bike colours), and factor duffel coat flying off the shelves. Had the strange situation of our wee country recording both the highest and the lowest UK temperature on the same day; 26˚C on Skye but dipping to 9˚C on Shetland.

Long may it last.  Even though I know by typing that I've just jinxed it.