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It's one of the most photographed subjects in the country, but, despite intending to drive past, something drew me in...

Day Ten. Yards. Multiple Yards  (more of a driving day)  

Soundtrack: Sounds of the 70s - BBC Radio 2.

Heading south and home after our stay on Skye today. Car packed a little less carefully than the outward journey and less enthusiastically too. It's a good sign, I suppose, that it feels like a wrench when you leave a place with more than a touch of reluctance.

A few miles down the road and not too far over the Skye Bridge we stopped at the tourist trap of Eilean Donan Castle on the shores of Loch Alsh. The place was hoaching with people, and the people were hoaching with cameras of all types trying to get a unique angle on a spot that every unique angles been claimed. Used the time to get my cycle in for the day, though it won't be counting much towards much mileage for #30DaysOfBiking.

Home and sifting through the folders full of photos gathered the past week. 

Tomorrow though.

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And on this day last year...

Selfie on a tour around a local country park - Gartmorn Dam