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Black Swans

 As long as I can remember there have always been swans on the local pond.

Old faithfuls. Can always rely on the local wildlife in an emergency when I've got nothing else on the camera card. Today was one of those, after I'd been thrown out of the car and told to walk home by my better half.* 

Not sure how close knit a family they are just now - parents are doing their best to encourage their offspring to fly the nest just now, chasing them around the pond at one point, then ganging together on the Sunday walkers and their bags of Warburton's crumbs the next. 

Our VIllage's little natural oasis. Appreciated by most. Ochil Hills in the distance with the merest smattering of snow on their tops.

When the pond served the local tannery many years ago it probably wasn't  the cleanest of places, but nowadays it's the heart and lungs of our community, even on a damp, dreich afternoon like today. It might also be due to the winter stripping back the vegetation around the Delph Pond just now but the swans and ducks (cormorant that I spotted the other day too - see extra image below) are having to do their best to dodge the litter left by the appreciative locals. MD 20/20 bottles and Irn Bru cans bob around the edge, but the wildlife seem to be pretty used to it, and the Community Council are great at rallying volunteers a few times a year for a bit of a clear up. 

Can completely empathise with our hard done by feathered friends too, after squelching on to a huge stinking dog turd as I backed off from here, then noticed the many other piles of dog shit sitting in toxic watery piles all around. Even right next to the bins provided for clearing the stuff up. There's some lazy unappreciative bastards out there. 

* Hadn't really been thrown out, more like 'encouraged', to go find something to photograph, after having a good old moan at a Sunday afternoon drag around the shops.