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Spotted an otter in the Forth whilst I was standing posing here. Spooked it when I ran back to get the camera though, so missed a nice opp there.

From mostly anywhere around here, looking west along the Forth Valley the scene is dominated by the city of Stirling, with it's Castle and the National Wallace Monument on it's own outcrop of volcanic rock to the north. The Ochil Hills have a last hurrah in the double lump of Dumyat before fading off to be replaced further west with the more mountainous Trossachs.

It does mean that pointing a camera anywhere in that direction tends to focus around these landmarks, so it's always a bit of a challenge looking for new angles and ways to shoot. Never boring though.

Pretty much meant that most of the shooting I did through this past wet, windy and seasonably un-summer like July had the castle in the photo somewhere; it's in all of these...

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Grand spot to watch the sun set over Stirling.

Grand spot to watch the sun set over Stirling.

They've been as rare as hen's teeth through July these have. The clouds and rain have kept them hidden most nights, but managed a worthwhile trip to the top of Fallin Bing for an hour or two's photographic endeavour.

It was only when I was tagging and looking back through the archives I realised I'd been here almost exactly a year before doing the same.

Added some background to the shooting and editing of these shots in the Extras section